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Useful informations

Easy to come :
We have electricity, roads, trains
... and direct flights from
Paris via Air France (regular fair price is 60 euros Paris-Brest one way)
Lyon via EasyJet and Air France
Barcelona via Vueling
London via RyanAir (start April 2019)

Easy to live :
Brest is a small "big city" (150 000 inhabitants), full of nature and sea around.
Lighthouses, seagulls, sailing boats, and fishermen are waiting for you.
Brest have been recently elected "3rd Best City to live in France"

Easy to sleep :
We have a partnership with a very nice hotel, 50 meters away from the theater : 26€ per person in a bedroom with 2 single beds and shower. Of course, you can choose to rent an airbnb place around if you come as a team.

Find here the different workshops places in yellow, the Mac Orlan, Vauban & Dubliners in red, and some restaurants in green.

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