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THE WEA!¡ 2017

In SUBITO! ¡: The gathering of improv amateurs, from Brittany and elsewhere.

WEA!¡ = Amateur’s Week-End = "OUI" = "OUAIS" = WEEEHAAA = W-E-A !

Le WEA!¡ Is unique: it is the rendez-vous that brings together, every year, the immense amateur community of improv, gathered in the heart of SUBITO!

Coming from Brittany and much further from France, more and more each year, and more and more crazy, they offer shows, share a unique time of creation, celebrate, show what they are doing and discover what others are doing.

Le WEA!¡ is an hyper creative time, friendly, abundant and ... unexpected !

The WEA!¡ in one word ? : UNIQUE !

An UNIQUE Place : The VAUBAN Cabaret

An UNIQUE Time : A week-end : April 1 and 2, 2017

IMPRO = Theater, music, dance, video, performing arts, plastic arts, slam...

Over the weekend, at the heart of the Subito!¡ 2017 festival, the Cabaret Vauban scene in Brest hosts a succession of forms and concepts of theatrical improvisation performances (and others: music, video, plastic arts, Slam ...) imagined by the amateur companies and artists.

Everyone can participate, everyone can propose a show, a short form, a long form, sketches, alone on stage or with others, music, image, video, for children, for adults, for three persons or for three hundred.


TIMMING : SHOWS succeed without break !

The performances will take place on Saturday 1 April from 14:00 to 23:00 and on Sunday 2 April from 14:00 to 18:00.


In fact, it’s totally price free, but those who wish can give a little things ...

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