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SUBITO on (Rapid) Fire : 2019, April 15-21

International week of SUBITO!¡ #11 in Brest - Brittany - France, 2019 April 15th to 21th !

Made by passionate improvisers for passionate improvisers !

Enjoy a full week of innovative shows, workshops, fun, crêpes and love next to the Atlantic Ocean with dozens of european improvisers and 5 Artistic Directors of the legendary RAPID FIRE THEATRE (Edmonton - Canada) : Patti Stiles, Jacob Banigan, Kevin Gillese, Amy Shostak and Matt Schuurman.
30+ years of impro history at the same place ! For the very first time !

Official Festival language : Bad English !

Artistic direction of SUBITO improfestival : Franck BuzZ and Romain Abasq

MAC ORLAN (Brest Recouvrance) : 2 big evenings Friday 19th and saturday 20th

Innovative improvised shows on the large stage of the Mac orlan in Brest. 3 shows a night for the price of one, 13/11€

Friday 19 :

Saturday 20 :

BRESTMONTON : leaving the City A Veritable Fabrication
A lost city at the end of the world, an amazing adventure mixing western and science-fiction The first duo of Patti Stiles and Kevin Gillese : 2 characters, 1 place, 1 story
Amy Shostak & Joleen Ballantine, energetic and powerful canadian performers An interactive show mixing lights, videos and new technologies
How many different languages the performers will be able to speak ? Who will be the most stupid director ? You choose, you vote !

Cabaret VAUBAN (Brest center) : 3 international evenings, April Tuesday 16, Wednesday 17 et Sunday 21

4 shows a night, European "apero-shows" at 19:00, Headliners at 20:45, and the final evening of SUBITO starting at 17:30 on sunday 21th (Easter week-end). 4 shows and one ticket for each night 12/10/5€.


19:00 Romantic Comedy (Romania)
Love is the best story
19:30 We are all connected (Menage a troimat - Greece)
Imagine having the opportunity to see a snippet of the day of three different individuals, all leading very different lives. It would be hard to fathom how their lives could be strongly connected and heavily affected by one another. Ménage a troimat wants to show you that, in one way or another, we are all connected!
20:45 Quotable Women (Patti Stiles and friends)
Quotable Women is a celebration of the female voice. Using quotes from notable women throughout history as inspiration, Quotable Women takes us on a playful expedition into the often un-improvised stories of women. Created by Patti Stiles, performed by Amy Shostak, Hélène Rigole, Pamela Olea, Isadora Minet-Guilleux and Patti Stiles
22:15 SOLO (Jacob Banigan)
Taking inspiration from real life, true facts, and the audience’s personal experiences, Jacob Banigan performs the daring high-wire act of solo improvisation. He weaves a narrative with diverse characters, immersive settings and absurd plot twists. Jacob Banigan is considered like one of the best solo performer... and you gonna easily understand why.


19:00 Trust Me (Mugshot - Germany)
This show centers on the people closest to our heart - our family - and the rare occasions when all of them sit around a table - christimas, a birthday or a wedding. The actors share juicy secrets and hilarious memories. Are they siblings, grandparents, cousins? Do they love, trust or hate each other? “Trust me” tells the story of family relationships and the little and big incidents which make up every family’s DNA.
19:30 What’s in a game (Amsterdam - Netherlands)
Come whatch the story of a group of life long friends. They know everything about each others lifes and loves, always having each others back. They lived the same stories and share the same memories. And they still choose to stay together and play.
20:45 TheaterSports (directed by Patti Stiles)
Maybe the most famous impro format around the world, created by Keith Johnstone.
Theatresports pits two teams of improvisers against each other for the love of the audience. This is Edmonton’s longest-running improv show, now in its 38th season!
22:00 Double Exposure (directed by Amy Shostak - Rapid Fire Theatre)
Have you ever seen film that’s been double exposed? The images overlap; locations are superimposed, people seem like ghosts in one another’s realities. In this playful show, we will find connections between seemingly unrelated scenes, and explore the beauty of suspended energy on stage. Get ready for an artful exploration of improvisation, with this challenging form that first debuted at The Vancouver International Improv Festival in 2013.


17:30 Nautical Adventures (directed by Patti Stiles)
Arrr matie! Set sail on Nautical adventures. Focusing on the great legends and lore from the sea: maritime stories of heroism, tales of great deeds, quirky superstitions, fantastic creatures, the human relationship to the sea and sea voyages and the psychological struggles of the individual in the hostile environment of the sea.
20:00 Chasing Joy (directed by Joleen Ballendine - Rapid Fire Theatre)
All the spirit of the troupe Rapid Fire Theatre : making the most out of every second on stage, and chasing what brings us joy. Improv CAN be as fun as it looks !
21:00 Labels (Rainbow Warriors - Netherlands - Belgium)
As an LGBTQ+ improv collective Rainbow Warriors stand for: label us all you want, just don’t stop with one label. On the other hand... how great is it to play on stage with labels, stereotypes and prejudices?
So hop on a unicorn and join these promiscuous, well dressed, musical theatre loving gay guys for a rollercoaster of a comedy show where personal stories and disarming questions lead into wild adventures with a bit of glitter, a ton of self-mockery and probably somewhere down the line some Eurovision!


impro, laughes and Guiness !
International Open Stage : 20h30, pub Dubliner’s Brest, free.

Official language for this full week will be "bad english"

Afraid to watch a show in "bad english" ? Look at this :


Rapid Fire Theatre
Rapid Fire Theatre is one of the oldest impro companies in Canada. Inspired by Keith Johnstone’s work, they developped their own style mixing theatrality, narrative and witty skills. https://rapidfiretheatre.com Patti Stiles, Artistic Director of RFT 1991-1995, a legendary teacher for her fine skill, strong narrative and elegant style. Jacob Banigan, Artistic Director of RFT 1995-2004, incredible actor. His solo show is a Must.
Kevin Gillese Artistic Director of RFT 2007-2010, Artistic director of "Dad’s Garage" in Atlanta 2010-2019, is the nicest man on Earth. Et il parle très bien français ! Amy Shostak, Artistic Director of RFT 2010-2015, honoured with an Excellence in Artistic Direction Award from the Mayor’s Celebration for the Arts in Edmonton Matt Schuurman, Artistic Director of RFT 2015-2019, last but not least, expert in video design
HAVE A LOOK ON SUBITO 2018 edition

Come to BREST and Bretagne. It’s Easy !

Easy to come :
We have electricity, roads, trains
... and direct flights from
Paris via Air France (regular prices are 60 euros Paris-Brest one way)
Lyon via EasyJet and Air France
Barcelona via Vueling
London via RyanAir (start April 2019)

Easy to live :
Brest is a small "big city" (150 000 inhabitants), full of nature and sea around.
Lighthouses, seagulls, sailing boats, and fishermen are waiting for you.
Brest have been recently elected "3rd Best City to live in France"

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