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Workshops and masterclasses with 5 artistic directors of the legendary RAPID FIRE THEATRE (Edmonton Canada) :
Patti Stiles, Jacob Banigan, Kevin Gillese, Amy Shostak, Matt Schuurman.
30+ years of impro history in one place : Brest, Brittany, France !

Work on gender, cinematics, narrative, solo scenes and more during the days... and jump on stage during the evenings !

And if you speak french, enjoy 3 workshops with Les EUX (Paris) and their famous show "BIO", one of the best impro group and impro show in France, from Friday April 12th to Monday 15th.

Minimum 3+ years of experience : Impro is your passion !
You rehearse on a regular basis and perform regularly on stage in different formats.

Minimum 5+ years of experience. You perform in a lot of different formats, short form and long-form.

Workshops schedule : 10h00-12h30 & 14h00-16h30

Here is the program, the biographies of instructors, the workshops presentations and the online registrations !


Workshops SUBITO!¡ 2019Thu 11Fri 12Sat 13Sun 14
Enjoy a full week of workshops in bad english and a bit of french, with talented teachers in nice workshop rooms
Mon 15Tue 16Wed 17Thu 18Fri 19Sat 20Sun 21


Les Eux
Elle joue, met en scène, écrit, chante et improvise. Jeanne est une comédienne pétillante qui sait faire jaillir émotions et relations entre les personnages. Comédien, scénariste et réalisateur, Loïc donne corps à des personnages aussi drôles que terrifiants. Son sens inné de l’espace scénique rythme le spectacle. Comédien, dramaturge et scénariste, Timothée est le Directeur Artistique de la Compagnie Les Eux. Sur scène, ses idées tourbillonnent telle une tornade dont l’épicentre reste inébranlable.
Rapid Fire Theatre
Rapid Fire Theatre is one of the oldest impro companies in Canada. Inspired by Keith Johnstone’s work, they developped their own style mixing theatrality, narrative and witty skills. https://rapidfiretheatre.com Patti Stiles, Artistic Director of RFT 1991-1995, a legendary teacher for her fine skills, strong narrative and elegant style. Jacob Banigan, Artistic Director of RFT 1995-2004, incredible actor. His solo show is a Must.
Kevin Gillese, Artistic Director of RFT 2007-2010, Artistic director of "Dad’s Garage" in Atlanta 2010-2019, and the kindest man on Earth. "Et il parle très bien le français !" Amy Shostak, Artistic Director of RFT 2010-2015, honoured with an Excellence in Artistic Direction Award from the Mayor’s Celebration for the Arts in Edmonton. Matt Schuurman, Artistic Director of RFT 2015-2019, last but not least, "The" expert in video design.

Workshops presentation

Friday 12 April : 5h
with Les EUX

Improviser c’est aussi faire sa propre mise en scène.
Les Eux vont faire découvrir (ou redécouvrir) l’importance du travail scénographique dans l’art du théâtre improvisé.
Le décor imaginaire, le déplacement organisé, le mime, le découpage d’une scène en arrière plan et la mise en évidence d’une action plutôt qu’une autre seront vos outils de comédiens !
Trouver sa place dans des scènes de groupe ou jouer une scène dans une voiture deviendra un jeu d’enfant !
(en français / in french)
Niveau : 3 ans d’expérience minimum

Saturday 13 April, morning 2h30
with Les EUX

Il y a vous et il y a vos multiples facettes.
De l’enfant à la personne âgée, nous aborderons les techniques vocales et physiques pour créer des personnages qui nous accompagnent dans nos histoires.
La recherche de cet atelier est dans une dynamique de sincérité de jeu et de profondeur des personnalités que vous choisirez d’aborder.
L’inspiration de création peut venir d’un mouvement, un son, une image.
(en français / in french)

Saturday 13 morning: 2h30
with Loïc Armel Colin

Les spectateurs estiment souvent que l’improvisation est un exercice très difficile. Or les "bons" improvisateurs se démarquent justement parce qu’ils donnent l’impression de réaliser la prouesse de monter sur scène sans avoir la moindre idee de ce qu’ils vont y faire, y dire, et ce sans que cela ne leur paraisse difficile. Et même plus, ils semblent heureux de se mettre ainsi en danger. Il existe de nombreuses techniques d’improvisation, mais l’essentiel de la qualite d’un improvisateur réside dans son attitude.
L’atelier « H2S » - Happy, Healthy and Sexy - propose de se concentrer sur l’attitude que tout improvisateur devrait adopter pour inspirer confiance à ses partenaires et au public.
(en français / in french)
Niveau : 6 mois d’expérience minimum

Monday 15 April : 5h
with Les EUX

Jacques Tati, Robert De Niro et Meryl Streep maîtrisent leur corps. Ils l’emploient avec virtuosité pour créer des personnages, transmettre des émotions et raconter des histoires.
Le verbe est très souvent mis à l’honneur dans l’improvisation, au dépend du corps. Mais le corps est l’outil principal du comédien et un support de création inépuisable. Jacques, Robert et Meryl l’ont bien compris.
Dans cet atelier, il s’agit de prendre conscience de son corps, d’apprendre à le maîtriser et de s’en servir pour improviser des personnages et des situations inédites.
(en français / in french)

Monday 15 April : 5h
with Menelaos Prokos

Many times we see improvisers on stage unsure of the motives for their character, ending up making choices that don’t really make sense. That is because they do not know what their character actually WANTS!
In this workshop we work on our strongest desires in every moment, both as improvisers as well as the characters we bring to life on stage. We learn to always stand firmly on our feet, knowing what we want and how this will affect all our future choices.

Tuesday 16 & wednesday 17 April: 10h + show
Amy Shostak

How do our bodies in space tell a story? How can we challenge traditional approaches to scenework by using tools like pulse editing, mirroring, and overlapping scenes to take us somewhere we never expected? Using the long form structure DOUBLE EXPOSURE as inspiration, Amy Shostak will challenge you to find the stories in the images that are already there.

> Workshop with show on stage included, wednesday April 17th evening, performed by the participants of the workshop.

Level: 5+ years experience, strong grasp on scenework

Tuesday 16 April: 5h
Matt Schuurman

This workshop focuses on the techniques that Matt uses in his show SNEAK PEEK; an improvised version of yet-to-be-released hollywood blockbusters. Students will learn how to play with perspective, time and editing to bring cinematic flair to the live improv stage. It’s very physical and playful.

Wednesday 17 April: 5h + show
Patti Stiles

“Theatresports” is an improvisation show created by Keith Johnstone. First show played by Rapid Fire Theatre in 1980, Theatresports is more than a show structure with 2 teams and judges. It represents a philosophy and approach to impro, encouraging performers to take risks and creating stories in the spontaneous moment. Theatresports is certainly the most played show around the world. And Patti Stiles is one of the expert !

> Workshop with show on stage included, wednesday April 17th evening, performed by the participants of the workshop.

Thursday 18 April: 5h
Patti Stiles

How does gender influence genre? Does it alter the story if we alter the gender? Do the stories remain genre ’true’ regardless of gender roles? Aren’t we perpuating a form of sexism ?
By questioning, challenging and exploring the purpose of the character in the story and removing the gender assumptions we break open new levels of impro play and possibilities.

Thursday 18 April: 5h
Jacob Banigan

Step on stage, alone, unprepared. Now improvise. How does this work? You cannot focus on your partner like usual. There is no one to surprise you with the twists and turns that make impro so much fun. You are responsible for all that happens on stage and in the imagination of the audience. If it’s just you, how can you surprise yourself?
In this workshop, Jacob Banigan reveals the techniques behind his solo impro. Even performing alone, one can indulge in world building, character creation, inner games and plot twists.

Friday 19 April: 5h
Kevin Gillese

This is a class about how to tell stories in the 3 act structure that we are all familiar with from mainstream movies. We will deal with objectives, obstacles, and classic conventions that Hollywood films use.

Friday 19 April: 5h
Jacob Banigan

We want the entire theatre immersed in the story, especially the actors. If the fiction is real enough to us on stage, detailed and compelling, the audience comes with us. Then the actors disappear and the characters come alive. With every story, we jump into a new world.
In this workshop, we focus on immersion. Forgetting the actors by getting into the story.

Friday 19 April: 5h
Amy Shostak

This workshop welcomes all people who identify as women, or identify with the experiences / struggles / strengths of womanhood. Our voices are in the minority on most improv stages, and this class will serve to create a supportive space for all participants to be bold and play fearlessly. Together, we will explore embracing our unique voices, taking agency on stage, and sharing challenges we have experienced as women-identified people. There will also be time for discussion on how we can create healthier improv communities.

Saturday 20 afternoon and sunday 21 April: 7h30 + show
Patti Stiles

Arrr matie! Set sail on Nautical adventures! Focusing on the great legends and lore from the sea: maritime stories of heroism, tales of great deeds, quirky superstitions, fantastic creatures, the human relationship to the sea and sea voyages and the psychological struggles of the individual in the hostile environment of the sea. This workshop explores how to bring the stage to life visually with scenography techniques.
Note: Students will be expected to do some required reading and research before the workshop.

> Workshop with show on stage included, Sunday April 21th evening, performed by the participants of the workshop.

Level: 5+ years experience, strong grasp on scenework

Saturday 20 afternoon and sunday 21 April: 10h + show
Joleen Ballendine

In this workshop, Joleen, duo-partner of Amy Shostak, will share with you the spirit of the troupe Rapid Fire Theatre: making the most out of every second on stage, and chasing what brings you joy. We will explore techniques that allow performers to find their version of playfulness, bring it to the surface, and share it with the audience. Improv CAN be as fun as it looks!

> Workshop with show on stage included, Sunday April 21th evening, performed by the participants of the workshop.

Level: 5+ years experience, strong grasp on scenework

Saturday 20 April: 5h00
Kevin Gillese

Trouver l’équilibre dans chaque aspect de l’improvisation. Concilier les contrastes et les contradictions en une parfaite harmonie. Jouer en même temps le rire et la sincérité, jouer à la fois avec sa tête et avec son coeur, jouer en acceptant nos peurs et en faisant confiance à notre courage. Aimer ce que l’on déteste et détester ce que l’on aime. Durant ce stage, vous jouerez avec ces opposés pour les rassembler et trouver l’équilibre dans votre jeu en tant que comédien.ne et en tant que personnage. (workshop in french)

Online registration

NOTE : Special discount for performers in Late night shows.
Send us an email if you didn’t have your code : subito2019@festival-subito.com

Remember, we will have impro Shows almost every night :
- BIO, Les Eux : Friday, April 12th (in french)
- WEA, 12 french-speaking shows, April Sat 13th and Sun 14th
- International Open Stage : Monday, April 15th.
- "Quotable Women" directed by Patti Stiles and "Solo Show" by Jacob Banigan, Tuesday 16th
- Some "Classics" shows with Theatresports, Wednesday 17th
- Innovative shows including video design and X-Reality, Friday 19th and Saturday 20th
- Closing Party : Sunday April 21th.

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